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“I don’t know what to do, and if I did know what to do I wouldn’t tell you, because if I had to tell you today then I’d have to tell you tomorrow, and when I’m gone you’d have to get somebody else to tell you.”

-Myles Horton

Why “Pavement Phrases”?

Pavement is one of the best words, ever.

The word “pavement” was amazing even before the band of the same name started making music. (Inevitably, they ended up supporting the name with great effect through their happening beats.)

The word “pavement” is phonetically gorgeous. When you say it you become wrapped in the understanding of solidarity, reality, and function. The way “pavement” sounds is equivalent to the kind of constructs needed in the field of education today. “Pavement Phrases” is a blog about the search for those constructs.


Patrick has a passion for education and has worked as an art educator for nearly a decade. He has a BS in graphic design from the New England Institute of Art, an MAT in art education from Plymouth State University, and is currently pursuing an M.ed. in School Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

Obsessed with designing ways for people to learn all over the world has led Patrick to MOOC (massive open online course) instructional design as a career. To date Patrick has designed and deployed  five courses including New School Creation, Get A Grasp!, How To Teach UsLearning Mindsets & Skills, and How To Make A Comic Book. Patrick is currently working on the design of his sixth and seventh MOOCs at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) while also doing research on differentiated dissemination strategies within MOOC environments.

Patrick is currently working at MIT. He is developing a professional development initiative for graduate research students centered around professional development in communication with the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and is to be taught by Dr. Tony Eng (MIT | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Patrick is also a comic educator and has designed resources like Making Comics Worldwide, MakingComics.com, and The #ComicFuel Podcast.

*Read full resume by clicking here.

PatrickYurick.com – Online Portfolio
Hipster Picnic – San Diego based, zombie dramedy webcomic by Patrick.