Principles & Elements of Massive Open Online Course Design

For each course I’ve designed for massive open audiences I revisit this series of graphics. I made this in 2014 so that when I would bring new collaborators onboard to design a course with they would be able to understand the basic building blocks of my approach to course design. Each time I finish a course I update this.

A Note: I do not think this applies only to what we’ve classically designated as “MOOC” (which to me has taken on a meaning related to the platforms that dominate the field – coursera, edx, udacity, etc.). This is my thinking on how my own pedagogy interacts with courses designed for massive access. Accessibility is important to me and in these slides I address the idea of accessibility in a multitude of ways.

Learning Mindsets & Skills MOOC

For the last year I’ve been working with the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, the Raikes Foundation, and Coursera to design a massive open online course around the subject of “Learning Mindsets & Skills” (aka Student Agency, aka Academic Mindsets). This is the fourth MOOC that I’ve worked on, and I am proud to say that this is the best one we have ever designed. The LMS MOOC employs the Coursera On-Demand platform which allows users the ability to start the course at any time that they want to, as well as collaborate with a cohort of peers that are synchronized with the users who start at the same, or similar times.

Here is some more information about the Learning Mindsets & Skills MOOC. Let me know what you think!